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UWC Luxembourg proudly announces the outcome of its 2015-2017 selection round to send the third set of students to UWCs around the world.
UWC 10/28/2015
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UWC Luxembourg proudly announces the outcome of its 2014-2016 selection round to send the second set of students to UWCs around the world.
UWC 11/26/2014
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Guillaume Mingles Scholastic Style
UWC 11/26/2014
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Are you ready for UWC?

UWC Luxembourg is on the lookout for student candidates who have the necessary enthusiasm and commitment to join the world’s most advanced and highest quality intercultural learning experience. Candidates are encouraged to apply when aged 15 or 16. It is important that parents are involved in and supportive of their child’s decision to seek a place at a UWC.

Top 10 questions to consider when applying to UWC

Are you ready:

  • to live in a dorm with people who have different daily habits?
  • to leave your family and friends for many months?
  • to be motivated to study autonomously?
  • to be intrigued by the totally different customs of other students?
  • to get up early after a very late night?
  • to organise your time yourself?
  • to represent your own culture and country at the college?
  • to push yourself to new limits?
  • to pursue sustainable development rather than just talk about it?
  • to keep up even when the going gets tough?

Top 10 things you could get out of 2 years at a UWC

  • Living and studying with students from more than 70 different countries.
  • Understanding other cultures through sharing personal experiences.
  • A more personalised, pro-active and analytical academic curriculum.
  • Teamwork and contributing actively to local communities.
  • Assuming responsibility for problems which others choose to ignore.
  • Surpassing yourself with new activities and achievements you would not have dared to imagine.
  • Learning a wide range of languages.
  • Leadership, an independent mindset and a global citizenship perspective.
  • An incredible, worldwide network of lasting friendships.
  • A passion for planet earth and all its inhabitants, whether plant, animal or human.

Watch this video made by the Luxembourgish students currently attending the Armand Hammer UWC, USA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2xPqKi09I4

Are you ready for UWC?
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