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UWC Luxembourg proudly announces the outcome of its 2015-2017 selection round to send the third set of students to UWCs around the world.
UWC 10/28/2015
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UWC Luxembourg proudly announces the outcome of its 2014-2016 selection round to send the second set of students to UWCs around the world.
UWC 11/26/2014
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Guillaume Mingles Scholastic Style
UWC 11/26/2014
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How to apply

In 2017/2018, UWC Luxembourg will be organising a new selection procedure to nominate students capable to represent Luxembourg for the United World Colleges. The selection process lasts roughly 4 months.

Candidates 2018-2020: please contact Ms Grazyna Piesiewicz for information. You can download the application package from: http://www.uwc.lu/En/etudiants/default.aspx?ID=4.

Ideally, you should be between 16 and 17 when you leave for a United World College.

Your academic level should be good enough to allow sufficient time off studying so as to take part in the various extra-curricular activities which are at the core of the UWC experience.

Other required qualities are sufficient maturity, a sense of responsibility, tolerance and open-mindedness towards different cultures. Finally, to get the best from the two year stay at a United World College, one should also be enthusiastic, highly motivated and persevere in the face of difficulties.

Students are selected on personal merit and their commitment to the UWC ideals, regardless of race, religious beliefs, political views or their social or economic circumstances. Students should have good academic results but, above all, should be strongly motivated and subscribe to UWC's vision and principles. Prior knowledge of English is an asset but not compulsory.

Documents :

Instructions 2018 Entry.doc
Parental Consent Form 2018.doc
Rules of the student selection process.pdf
Sections I and II by Applicant 2018.doc
Teacher Recommendations 2018.doc

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