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UWC Luxembourg proudly announces the outcome of its 2015-2017 selection round to send the third set of students to UWCs around the world.
UWC 10/28/2015
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UWC Luxembourg proudly announces the outcome of its 2014-2016 selection round to send the second set of students to UWCs around the world.
UWC 11/26/2014
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Guillaume Mingles Scholastic Style
UWC 11/26/2014
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UWC Luxembourg

The Luxembourg UWC national committee established in January 2011, aims at the participation of Luxembourg in the UWC movement, the promotion of UWC in Luxembourg and the selection of students that can represent Luxembourg in UWC schools abroad. It has already received offers for student placement, subject to finance, at Atlantic College in Wales, UWC Maastricht, Mahindra UWC of India, and the UWC in Costa Rica.




Student participation in the IB curriculum at a UWC is exclusively based on student merit and potential. Race sex and ability to contribute financially do not enter into the selection procedure. Many students enrol in a UWC with a full or a partial scholarship, based o n a means’ test of the students’ family, attributed at the end of the selection procedure.

The average college fee is EUR 40,000 for the full two years UWC Luxembourg will not commit to a student without ensuring funding for the two years of the IB curriculum. The current goal for UWC Luxembourg is offering between two and four places for selected students in 2011 for the class of 2011/2013. UWC Luxembourg strategy is to ascertain its sustainability and thus to raise funds for individual students in the coming years and/or to establish an Endowment Fund in order to be able to continue sending Luxembourg students to UWC schools.

UWC Luxembourg
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